Prayers for the Intercession of Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Lord, Our God,
You who chose Saint Anthony Mary Claret
To be Founder of our Family,
And made him who, burning in love,
Should suffer calumnies and torments;
Grant us, courage, that
We remain faithful to his teachings,
Proclaim Your glory throughout the world,
And seek always with Your help
The salvation of all people.
Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Lord, Our God,
Who gave to Saint Anthony Mary Claret
A burning and humble love for the Blessed Sacrament
And the Immaculate Heart of Mary
So that he would undertake in the Church of God
Great wonders for Your glory
And the salvation of souls:
Obtain for us that,
Burning in imitation of Him
In the same holy love
And continuing with the greatest effectiveness
His evangelizing work,
May we deserve to live and die in the Congregation
As worthy Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

You who made Saint Anthony Mary Claret, our Father,
A zealous Apostle for the glory of God and the salvation of men,
Grant us the ardent love that burned in his heart
So that we may continue with intensity and effectiveness
His apostolic work.
May yours sons multiply
To spread the Kingdom of Jesus Christ
So that in the moment of our death
We may be worthy to be known as “faithful servants” of Christ and the Gospel.