May 16, 2019

Gospel: Jn 13: 16-20

IN JESUS STYLE: After having washed his disciples` feet, Jesus prevents them from thinking that it was just a mere rhetoric. Rather, he explained them clearly that since service is his way of being, that should always be the style and way of being in the Church. As the Son of Man “has not come to be served but to serve and give his life to redeem many” (Mk 10:45), everything in the Church is done in the style of Jesus. The whole community, the mutual relationships, and every ministry and minister are to be characterized by the attitude of service. When the Church, or an individual Christian, does not come out of himself/herself to serve others, he/she bends over herself, and becomes a counter witness. It becomes, as Pope Francis constantly repeats, a worldly Church. We often practice what Jesus told us to avoid: “The King rule over people as lords… but not so with you” (Lk 23:25). Following Jesus is an on-going process in which the disciple becomes conformed to Jesus, the man for others. Prayer: Jesus, teach me to serve others with all my heart.

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