August 14, 2019

Gospel: Mt 18: 15-20

GAIN THE CONFIDENCE OF YOUR BROTHER: The first part of the gospel speaks of the ways to win a brother. Many relationships can be mended by one to one dialogue than speaking about it and directly getting into attacks. Jesus recommends that the best way to solve a misunderstanding or disagreement is to sit with the same person and try to sort out the problem solution. He advises that it’s better to face the person of conflict in person which can give us opportunity to get back the lost relationship. When all the efforts prove useless, then the move should be to consider him as a gentile. The second part of the gospel speaks about the attitude of prayer. Jesus says that our prayer should be selfless. Often we expect the Lord to relieve us from sufferings, problems, and difficulties. But the Lord may not give us an escape from problems but he can reward us victory over our problems. Jesus also prayed to the Father to spare him from the suffering at Gethsemane. But God the Father has given him the courage to face the reality with courage and gave him victory. Prayer: Lord, make me selfless in my spiritual exercises.

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